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Refering task : Task3

Title : Interactive Reasoning with a Globally Inconsistent Family of Ontologies.

Code : 3.4

Start Date : 2013-03-01

End Date : 2014-07-31

Description : For the subtasks T31-3, there was an implicit assumption that can be formulated as follows: if there are several ontologies at the same time such that their conjunction is not consistent, then they must be modified to reach consistency. This assumption can be questioned. With the definition of ontologies implying that they must be shared by everyone (every users), this assumption is justified. If the notion of ontology used does not imply that, then it can be justified to keep a family of consistent ontologies that are globally inconsistent. The question of the inferences with such a family of ontologies is raised. For instance, if a piece of knowledge can be inferred from all the ontologies of the family, it should be considered as true. More generally, the question raised by this subtask of this task is how the approaches developed in the previous subtasks can be applied to make inferences from a family of ontologies, without necessarily building explicitly a merging of them.

Deliverables :

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