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Refering task : Task5

Title : Distributed semantic queries.

Code : 5.2

Start Date :

End Date :

Description : This task looks at extending to a distributed context a number of the results mentioned before. It includes the following goals:

  • Indexing and publishing the content of the bases to advertise their potential contributions;
  • Decomposing a query and routing sub-queries to relevant bases, and merging partial results;
  • Documenting and explaining the distribution process integrating the local explanation mechanisms of the solicited bases.
  • Applying this architecture to the special case of conflicts detection between different sources.

Work plan This task is directly linked to one of the PhD subjects defined in this proposal and includes several milestones

  1. a state of the art on content advertising and distributed querying (T0+6);
  2. an approach to summarize the content of a base (e.g. graph mining) (T0+12);
  3. an algorithm to distribute query-solving (T0+32);
  4. an approach to explain and document the distributed solving (T0+34);
  5. an adaptation to conflict detection (T0+36).

Deliverables :