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Refering task : Task4

Title : Alter Ego Assistant.

Code : 4.1

Start Date : 2011-03-01

End Date : 2012-08-31

Description : In this subtask, we will focus on the notion of "Alter Ego Assistant" in order to provide users with a mean to explain knowledge available in the systems by using interaction traces. Developing such an assistant involves several challenging issues:

  • Providing mechanisms to visualise and to manipulate modeled interaction traces
  • Being able to reason on traces, mainly to retrieve reusable sequences in order to explain the results of Kolflow. This will be made possible thanks to the trace-based reasoning paradigm.
  • Enabling sharing and reuse of knowledge (episodes signatures, similarity measures, traces, models of traces,...) with other users using similar alter ego assistants.

The postdoc will be in charge of this task. Among other things, he will be in charge of the integration of existing approaches and technologies to bootstrap the design process of the alter ego assistant. This subtask involves several milestones:

  1. state of the art on assistants and trace-based assistance. (T0+6)
  2. integrationofatrace-basedmanagementsystemwiththewikiinordertoprovidesupport

to the alter ego assistant (T0+12)

  1. definitionofthegeneralarchitectureofanalteregoassistantabletoreasononinteraction

traces and to communicate with the trace-based management system (T0+12)

  1. validation of the system in accordance with scenarios defined in task 6.

Deliverables :