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Refering task : Task5

Title : Distributed alter ego assistant.

Code : 5.3

Start Date :

End Date :

Description : As for the previous task, this task looks at extending to a distributed context the results obtained with the alter ego assistant based on traces. It includes the following goals:

  • Defining an architecture allowing various alter-ego assistants to communicate;
  • Establishing a communication protocol enabling alter ego assistant to exchange information even if they do not rely on the same king of models of traces;
  • Investigating the negotiation protocol between assistants while exchanging knowledge;
  • Identifying roles of users within the whole process.

Work plan This task includes several milestones

  1. an architecture for distributed alter ego assistants (T0+18);
  2. an communication protocol between assistant (T0+20);
  3. a formal study of the exchange of modeled traces between heterogeneous alter ego assistants (T0+24);
  4. validation by using the scenarios of tasks 6 (T0+36).

Deliverables :