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Refering task : Task5

Title : Distributed semantic wikis.

Code : 5.1

Start Date :

End Date :

Description : This task looks at extending semantic wikis to a distributed context. A distributed semantic wiki supports multi-synchronous editing and dataflow oriented processes. These processes can be used to avoid the regression of the system. It includes the following goals:

  • Adding the extracted knowledge to the wiki.
  • Ensuring the non regression of the system because of added extracted knowledge or human added knowledge.
  • Supporting multi-synchronous editing in semantic wikis.
  • Defining new architecture for living with inconsistency.

Work plan This task is directly linked to one of the PhD subjects defined in this proposal and includes several milestones

  1. a state of the art on semantic wikis and distributed semantic wikis (T0+6);
  2. Algorithms and ontology for multi-synchronous edition in a distributed semantic wiki (T0+18);
  3. Process language and process machine for man-machine coordination in a distributed semantic wiki, (T0+34);
  4. validation by using the scenarios of tasks 5 (T0+36).

Deliverables :