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Refering task : Task4

Title : Opening query-solving mechanisms.

Code : 4.2

Start Date : 2011-03-01

End Date : 2014-07-31

Description : The main goal of this task is to opening the query-solving mechanisms to users: turn a black box into a system able to concisely explain its execution. This task is extremely innovative and original since none of the semantic web search engine existing currently has the ability to explain how it obtained a given result or why it failed to obtain one. Moreover ontology-based querying (i.e. query solving taking into account an ontology) and the reasoning involved will add to the process to be explained. This includes:

  • Proposing self-explaining query-searching algorithms able to summarize and express their search strategy, the inferences they made.
  • Explaining performances and the errors they encountered (e.g. most frequent failure points when trying to match a query)
  • Suggesting changes to queries, suggesting alternative queries.

Deliverables :