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Refering task : Task3

Title : Interactive Revision and Merging of Ontologies.

Code : 3.3

Start Date : 2013-03-01

End Date : 2014-07-31

Description : T3.1 is about automatic management of ontology inconsistencies. T3.2 is about the human-machine dialogues for managing ontology inconsistencies. T3.3 deals with a combination (or a convergence) of these two works: how users can pilot revision and merging processes to manage (logical or human-machine) semantic inconsistencies. Hereafter, two scenarios are presented to illustrate this idea. In the first scenario, the system has to merge KB1 and KB2, two consistent ontologies whose conjunction is logically inconsistent. The automatic procedure of merging uses an epistemic entrenchment to make choices among pieces of knowledge to be forgotten. The knowledge of epistemic entrenchment itself may be difficult to acquire and to represent. The idea is then to ask the user when such choices occur: among two or more formulas, which one would he/she prefer to give up. The second scenario is the continuation of the way of dealing with human-machine inconsisten- cies, as presented above, in subtask T3.1. Once a faulty piece of knowledge has been identified, through human-machine interactions, it has to be removed from the ontology, thanks to a contraction operator. Therefore, this substask T3.3 involves designing a contraction process in which the user may intervene when there are choices to be made.

Deliverables :