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Title : Continuous extraction, edition, and annotation

Code : 2

Responsible : Orpailleur

Activities : extracting knowledge units from texts using data mining

Start Date :

End Date :

Objectives :

Success criteria :

Risks :

Deliverables :

description Feb2011+months
D21 Building a corpus for experimenting continuous knowledge extraction. 66
D22 Integrating a knowledge extraction system from texts in a semantic wiki. methodology, modules, and experiments. 1212
D23 Specification of a continuous knowledge extraction system 1818
D24 Dynamic semantic annotation in a semantic wiki: definitions and specifications 3636
D25 Continuous extraction, edition and annotation in a semantic wiki ; report advances on this task at the end of the project. 3636

Sub-tasks :

Task21 Collecting data
Task22 Formal methods for knowledge extraction.
Task23 Continuous extraction of knowledge.
Task24 Semantic Annotation.

Participants :