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  • Distributed Semantic MediaWiki (DMSW) DSMW stands for Distributed Semantic Media Wiki. It allows to create a network of Semantic Media Wiki Server and synchronize data between them. DSMW can be understood as Git or Mercurial but for a network of semantic wikis.
  • Revisor Revisor is a free software library giving access to a set of revision engines. As of version 1.0, it can be used to revise propositional logic formulas, linear constraint conjunctions, and qualitative constraint networks. It can also be used within a case-based reasoning application to adapt cases expressed using these formalisms. Version 2.0 introduces an adaptation operator for propositional logic that uses adaptation rules.
  • BeGoood BeGoood allow to execute Unit Testing on semantic queries.
  • SemWiki is a proof-of-concept semantic wiki, storing everything (wiki text and triples) in a triple store. Whenever the wiki text is modified, the triples are updated accordingly; conversely, whenever the triples are updated, the wiki text is altered accordingly.