Second Meeting

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Meeting description

Name : Second meeting

Description :

Start Date : 2011-10-06T09:30:00

End Date : 2011-10-07T15:30:00

Laboratory : LIRIS

Location : LIRIS

General information

Slides and talks can be made either in French or in English


Detailed Schedule

Thu 06

  • Task6 Scenarios and Evaluations
    • GDD (project evaluation)
  • Task2 Continuous extraction, edition, and annotation
    • Orpailleur (extracting knowledge units from texts using data mining)
  • Task1 Coordination
    • GDD (Project coordination)
  • Task5 Social semantic space
    • Silex (Design and experiment of a social semantic space)

Fri 07

  • Task3 Inferences and Interactions for dealing with Semantic Inconsistencies
    • Orpailleur (Design and experiment strategies for dealing with Semantic Inconsistencies)

  • Task4 Traces and explanations: documenting inferences, query solving and interactions
    • Wimmics (Design and experiment tracing and explanation approaches)