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Pages using the property "Task title"

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Task1 +Coordination  +
Task2 +Continuous extraction, edition, and annotation  +
Task21 +Collecting data  +
Task22 +Formal methods for knowledge extraction.  +
Task23 +Continuous extraction of knowledge.  +
Task24 +Semantic Annotation.  +
Task3 +Inferences and Interactions for dealing with Semantic Inconsistencies  +
Task31 +Revision and Merging of Ontologies.  +
Task32 +Human-Computer Interactions for Managing Consistency.  +
Task33 +Interactive Revision and Merging of Ontologies.  +
Task34 +Interactive Reasoning with a Globally Inconsistent Family of Ontologies.  +
Task4 +Traces and explanations: documenting inferences, query solving and interactions  +
Task41 +Alter Ego Assistant.  +
Task42 +Opening query-solving mechanisms.  +
Task5 +Social semantic space  +
Task51 +Distributed semantic wikis.  +
Task52 +Distributed semantic queries.  +
Task53 +Distributed alter ego assistant.  +
Task6 +Scenarios and Evaluations  +