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D11 +kick off meeting
D12 +creation and continuous updates
D13 +Yearly workshop 1
D14 +Yearly workshop 2
D15 +Final open workshop
D16 +Final report
D21 +Building a corpus for experimenting continuous knowledge extraction.
D22 +Integrating a knowledge extraction system from texts in a semantic wiki. methodology, modules, and experiments.
D23 +Specification of a continuous knowledge extraction system
D24 +Dynamic semantic annotation in a semantic wiki: definitions and specifications
D25 +Continuous extraction, edition and annotation in a semantic wiki ; report advances on this task at the end of the project.
D31 +algorithms and architecture of the interactive semantic inconsistency managing system
D32 +prototype and tests of the interactive semantic inconsistency managing system
D33 +prototype of the extension integrating management of ”human-machine” and ”logical” inconsistencies
D41 +State of the art on the different topics addressed in this task
D42 +Algorithm to explain basic query mechanisms
D43 +Algorithm to provide performance and errors indicators
D44 +Test and evaluation of the alter ego assistant with regard to the scenarios
D45 +Algorithm to explain ontology-based processing
D46 +Algorithm to suggest queries and changes to queries
D51 +State of the art on the three topics studied (Distributed Semantic Wikis, distributed querying distributed alter-ego assistant),
D52 +Many semantic web applications integrate d Many semantic web applications integrate data from distributed triple stores and to be efficient, they need to know what kind of content each triple store holds in order to assess if it can contribute to its queries. We present an algorithm to build indexes summarizing the content of triple stores. We extended Depth-First Search coding to provide a canonical representation of RDF graphs and we introduce a new join operator between two graph codes to optimize the generation of an index. We provide an incremental update algorithm and conclude with tests on real datasets. and conclude with tests on real datasets.
D53 +Algorithms and architecture for a distributed semantic wiki and a distributed alter-ego assistant
D54 +Algorithm to distribute query-solving
D55 +Algorithm to explain and document the distributed solving, Process language and machine for man-machine coordination
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