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Page Task title Start Date
Final open workshop 2456839.5July 2014
Kick-off break1
Kick-off break2
Kick-off break3
Kick-off diner
Kick-off session1
Kick-off session2
Kick-off session3
Kick-off session4
KolflowProject 2455593.51 February 2011
Task1 Coordination 2455593.51 February 2011
Task2 Continuous extraction, edition, and annotation 2455593.51 February 2011
Task21 Collecting data
Task22 Formal methods for knowledge extraction.
Task23 Continuous extraction of knowledge.
Task24 Semantic Annotation.
Task3 Inferences and Interactions for dealing with Semantic Inconsistencies
Task31 Revision and Merging of Ontologies. 2455621.51 March 2011
Task32 Human-Computer Interactions for Managing Consistency. 2455621.51 March 2011
Task33 Interactive Revision and Merging of Ontologies. 2456352.51 March 2013
Task34 Interactive Reasoning with a Globally Inconsistent Family of Ontologies. 2456352.51 March 2013
Task4 Traces and explanations: documenting inferences, query solving and interactions
Task41 Alter Ego Assistant. 2455621.51 March 2011
Task42 Opening query-solving mechanisms. 2455621.51 March 2011
Task5 Social semantic space 2455593.51 February 2011
Task51 Distributed semantic wikis.
Task52 Distributed semantic queries.
Task53 Distributed alter ego assistant.
Task6 Scenarios and Evaluations 2455593.51 February 2011
Yearly workshop 1 2455958.5February 2012
Yearly workshop 2 2456324.5February 2013